A magnificent classical music TV destination


Stingray Classica is the world’s premium classical music TV destination dedicated to classical music, opera, and ballet.

Only Stingray Classica brings home 50 world premieres a year, prestigious productions, and fascinating documentaries filmed in the highest quality.


A Classical TV Experience for Everyone

We believe the world of classical music should accessible to everyone. That is why we program a classical TV experience that is engaging for all music aficionados.

Whether you are an expert or a newcomer to the genre, watch and listen to classical music that will sweep you away with the beauty and passion of grandiose musicianship and artistry. Our expert programmers select only the grandest, most important, and most popular productions.


Opera, Music, and Ballet Performances

We travel the world to bring you today’s most celebrated and inspiring operas, music, and ballets. From our archives, we program timeless performances that have stood the test of time.

It doesn’t matter if you are a fan of popular, romantic, contemporary or relaxing classical music, you will find it on Stingray Classica!


Exclusive Classical Music Programming & Weekly Premieres

We offer you a unique and exclusive programming of weekly premieres, masterful performances, rare documentaries, and exclusive interviews.

Stingray Classica will entrance you with truly magnificent classical music, opera, and ballet performances by the greatest composers, musicians, and maestros of today and yesterday.


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